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As their first album in 13 years Fear Inoculum lands at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Tool also takes over a number of rock-only charts, with both past and new tunes making waves and finding space on various lists. The band sees their music perform the best on the Hot Rock Songs tally, which ranks the most popular pieces of music from that field in the country every week using a metric that combines airplay as well as streaming and sales data. 

The 10 songs featured on the digital version of Fear Inoculum (the tracklists of the physical and digital products differ) all appear on the current edition of the Hot Rock Songs chart, a rare sight on any list. Whenever an act as popular as Tool returns with new music, it’s common for many of the songs featured on their just-released album to find a home on whatever genre-specific ranking makes sense, but charting a full album’s worth of material remains a feat reserved only for the biggest in the industry.

The group currently owns half a dozen spots inside the top 10, though they don’t beat Panic! at the Disco, who claim the highest two positions. Leading the way at No. 3 is the album’s title track, followed by “Pneuma” (No. 4), “Invincible” (No. 5), “7empest” (No. 6), “Descending” (No. 7) and “Litanie Contre La Peur” (No. 10). 

All 10 of Tool’s current placements appear inside the top 40, making them at least momentary rock hits. The band has now accrued 22 Hot Rock Songs charting titles, with almost half of them coming from their most recent release. That’s surprising, as the group has been going strong for decades and they’ve snagged massive successes before, but due to how music is consumed these days, their latest is now their most successful on this list.

Here’s a look at all 10 of Tool’s current Hot Rock Songs hits, as well as where they land. 

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No. 3 – “Fear Inoculum”

No. 4 – “Pneuma”

No. 5 – “Invincible”

No. 6 – “7empest”

No. 7 – “Descending”

No. 10 – “Litanie Contre La Peur”

No. 11 – “Legion Inoculant”

No. 13 – “Culling Voices”

No. 15 – “Chocolate Chip Trip”

No. 23 – “Mockingbeat”