Rammstein Guitarist: “If Rock Music Comes Back, Everything Goes Against It” – Metalheadzone

In a new interview with Jessie David, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe explained why he said ‘rock is dead’ during his recent interviews in near past.

He said that ‘if rock music comes back, I mean, everything goes against it’. Here’s the statement:

“Well, you never know what’s going to happen, I don’t have like this crystal ball or anything. If I had that, I would be much more relaxed.

I think what happens is that rock music had a certain kind of energy to rebel against parents. It’s an important part, young people have to rebel, so I think that rock music, the sound of a guitar – it’s not what it used to be.

Nowadays, if a little kid cranks up to listen to rock music, the parents say, ‘Oh, make it louder.’ Rebellion?

I don’t know what happens in America, but in Germany, I feel like rebelling is all of a sudden in the lyrics, and especially in German – it’s all about hip-hop and trap.

To me, it’s very hard to relate to that. I don’t know if they believe it or they think it’s just cool to say that. If you ask me if rock music comes back, I mean, everything goes against it.

All the big bands, they don’t really get invited anymore. Even that people like having successful bands, they don’t come as headliners, it’s like the dinosaurs dying at the moment, and the only advance that we have in rock music is that we have a good live show.

If you see hip-hop acts, most likely 90% is quite boring, so that’s the only thing we have. When you actually see somebody on stage to interact with each other in the way that they’re making music, it’s something we have to keep, it’s the only way to survive.”

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